The Best and Fastest Way To Drive You Into Happiness


High self-esteem is always your strongest supporter. I keep reminding what someone I knew told me one day. She said she doesn't regret every moment of her life. I asked "But don't everyone have memories they want to erase?" she said, "I don't want to erase or regret them because even that moment is part of my life and experiences, and that moment can make my thoughts stronger so I could be a better version of me."


‘Better version of me’. She never takes some bad moments as mistakes. She takes the moments as time to learn life, build thoughts, make herself better.

Nothing will be good if you regret something you’ve done in your life. What would be good? Regretting is the same as denying yourself and you’ll lose confidence. Please don’t do that. you are the only one who always can be on your side no matter what happens. Just let yourself embrace all bad moments of your life and try to learn some emotions, ways to think, and a wider perspective from the experiences. At some point, you’ll feel how much you’ve grown and you have no fear for your life.

Let's just trust ourselves and say 'It's okay.' Encouraging yourself is the best and fastest way to drive you into happiness.


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